Batting Cages Renovation

Oct 11, 2018 7:41 PM
Mk Carpenter


On October 14th from 10am -4pm, a crew of scouts, scout leaders and volunteers from the RPAC Club will work to clean out the cages of all equipment, drop the nets and remove all vines and vegetation from them, clean the exterior of the entire cage to ensure the plant life has been cut back and is free of the cage, restring the nets and hoist them up in preparation for flooring vendors to strip the existing flooring our, prepare the concrete sub-floor, and install new high grade exterior turf for future use.  

If you can come out on Sunday the 14th anytime from 10-4, even for just an hour, your time and help would be greatly appreciated!  

This is a costly project nearing $10,000 in expense to bring this cage back to life and have it ready for the hundreds of boys and girls that will play ball in the spring.  

If you can donate, event $5, $10, $20 dollars to the cause that is extremely helpful!  This project will set up a strong asset for teams to us well into the future and you can help with anything you can afford.  Donations are tax deductible of course as RPAC is a charitable organization. Please see the “Donate” button on the right.

Since 1961 Ridley Park Athletic Club has offered great Baseball and Softball programs for the youth in its region.  While great work has been done to add new baseball fields, dugouts, outfield fencing, and more; one key component of the programs has struggled over the past few years.  The Batting Cages were built many years ago and have been durable for much of that time. Today the cages are in great need of significant renovation! The adjacent vegetation and tree line have overgrown into the cages.  Wild vines have infested and intertwined into the netting. Moss and ground vegetation have covered the floor. Aside from recent replacement of the nets and fence work, the equipment in the cages needs replacement. The Boy Scouts of America and specifically Stephen Barnard as part of his quest for Eagle Scout designation have jumped in to lend a hand.


Thank you in advance on behalf of the Club!

Ed Bleacher

Ridley Park Athletic Club President


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